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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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be on the game. and the end, warriors came out on top. 118-97. no need right now. at laes for east for me. doc rivers said he and players had been pulled in a mel yillio directions. since a controversial recording was posted on tmz. >> as much as this is basketball. this is life. and our guys they have family. they have friend. and they have cell phones. and -- i can't imagine how much they have been pulled on and talked to and what you should do and what you shouldn't do and what you should say. >> it has not been verified by nbc news. according to tmz's report. the recording of a conversation between donald sterling and a girlfriend. on the recording, a male voice is heard kricriticizing a womanr posting on line for bringing african-american friend to the game. the man is heard chastising the
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woman for posting a photo on instagram with magic johnson. the team owner was not at the game and has the not commented. the team's president is talking questioning the authenticity of the recording. he released a statement saying, it is the an type thes antithes is and how he lived his life and feels terrible sentiments are being attributed to him and apologizes to any one who may have been hurt by them. while there was talking of boycotting the game. doc rivers says his players have worked hard to get in the playoffs and will not walk away. >> our message is that we are going to let no one, nothing stop us. from what we want to do. i think that is a good message. i really do. that is the message that we are trying to send. and if we can pull this off all the way, i think that would be a terrific message. >> warriors head coach, mark jackson was asked if his team would boycott. >> you make a statement about
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who you are. by players on the floor. by seth curry and chris paul getting after its. and, and, still -- communicating and still, calling and texting. by, by -- by handling yourself with dignity and class. that's how you respond. that's how you respond. >> coming up tonight at 6:00. we'll hear from kevin johnson. the mayor is serving as an adviser to the nba players association and making several demands of the nba commissioner in light of the investigation. live in oakland. kimberly kerry, nbc news. >> president obama is weighing in on the controversy. >> the statements by the owner of the los angeles clippers, for our malaysian audience, this its a sports team. basketball team in the united states, the owner is reported to have said some incredibly
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offensive -- racist -- statements. and ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything. you just let them talk. and that's what happened here. >> the president responded to that issue during a press conference in malaysia with the prime minister there. and stay with nbc bay area with the latest on the controversy. coming up. lester holt will take a closer look at the fallout on "nbc nightly news." you can find more coverage of the story online at nbc bay >> south bay mother accused of an unspeakable crime. police say she stabbed her infant son to death yesterday. she is now behind bars. nbc bay area, annette miranda is at the regional park with the details. >> the terrible crime happened near here at the regional park. a young mother stabbed her own baby to death. the 23-year-old is identified as ashley renee newton of san jose.
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authorities say she has hey history of def pregpression. currently at jail without bail. investigators responded to calls of erratic driving. newton apparently ran her honda civic into several things before abandoning it at the end of the road. police found the mother later holding her lifeless, 7-month-old. the offduty livermore police chief who was hiking nearby tried to perform cpr, but the stab wounds were just too much. ,000 officers say, newton implicated herself in the crime. she was arrested. the knife police believe was used to the kill the baby was recovered at the park. she had self-inflicted knife wounds at her wrist. going to be arraigned in court on tuesday on a murder charge. live in liver more. no nanette miranda, nbc news. >> we are hearing more from the family of the teenager who snuck on a plane and flew from san jose to hawaii. police say the 15-year-old
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somali boy had been having a tough time at home in the south bay. and that led him to try to get on to a plane to reconnect with his mother in africa. you might remember, last sunday the boy climbed a fence at san jose, international air port. walked across the tarmac and hid in the wheel well of a plane. that plane landed in hawaii. the teenager remarkably survived. his father release ad a stateme. my son is struggling. adjusting to life in the country. the executive director of an islamic group said she can understand why the boy was struggling. >> the sun had not had any formal education before arriving in the united states. and you know, as some one who was born and raised here. went to school all my life. i had a hard time in high school. most people have a hard time in high school. now, imagine how much harder that is if you have never had a for mall education. >> the fbi and bay area authorities do not plan to file charges against the 15-year-old boy. >> san jose international airport celebrated a massive remodel just four years ago.
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but security around the perimeter was reportedly not addressed. the $1.3 billion remodel designed to bring the airport into the 21st century including replacing movable outdoor stairways with air conditioned platforms for boarding. only a loosely watched 6-foot fence with barbed wire stops people from getting on to the tarmac. a security breach that was highlighted when the teenage boy climbed the fence last week. >> the follow-up on a silicone valley ceo accuseden a beating attack of his girlfriend. board members for radium one, announce they'd fired him last night. according to the online advertising company, faced criticism after he pled guilty last week. he faces misdemeanor charges of battery and domestic violence battery. the alleged fight caught on video. he defended himself today. he said his temper got the better of him. after he learned his girlfriend was having sex with other people. >> one of the most talked about
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racesen the country. half penning in the south bay. long-time congressman, mike hondez, fending off a challenge from the newcomer. the top two primary systems in the spotlight. the system doesn't seem to be what voters expected when they approved it. nbc bay area's mark matthews with political experts who are investigating the problems behind the top two system. remember the electricty. enthusiasm. we have seen a change. >> who is your congressman? >> no idea. >> do you know when the election is? >> no, i actually don't. >> it's not surprising, primary elections have been about turning out the faithful. top two was to change that by encouraging more primary competitions. but in the bay area, the only congressional primary that is getting much attention is
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incumbent mike honda's 17th district race against former democrat and obama official. khana has outpaced honda in the money race. honda's campaign says the battle will be in november. while the republican challenger, isn't showing up. she is running agresively in the district. three, four events out of the public. every day. the one competitive congressional primary is not a lot to show after four years of the top two system. among the political experts at berkeley's institute of governmental studies forum today. the head of stanford's bill lane center. tells me, the top two primary was supposed to get more voters to the polls. they're not participating. waiting until the november election. this isn't going to work if they
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don't participate in the first round. >> mark matthews reporting. >> next at 5:00, a new push to make sure california day cares are smoke free. we will show you a new bill that could ban cigarettes when children are not around. >> plus, plastic bag bans are in most cities across the bay area right now. well opponents of the ban say it is a moneymaker for some people. >> we are seeing breezy, cool conditions outside right now. maybe 64 degrees. with 70s in the forecast for tomorrow. and we are talking some 90s ahead of your seven-day forecast. show you when the heat is going to arrive coming up when we come right back. ♪
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smoking may be illegal. they voted in favor of a new bill. it is lingering smoke. smoking is banned in the day care homes during operating hours. but one law maker says research shows, that off hour smoking also places children at risk. if you have people smoking in a facility. like a day care. even if there is no children around at the time. smokers are smoke. you are going to accumulate over time. substances into the floor and other places. and -- chairs if they're stored there.
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banned smoking in home day-care center at all times. >> several bay area cities, banned plastic bags. a bill to ban them across the state may be next. more than 13 billion plastic bags are handed out in california every year. of those, 3% are reportedly recycled. the new bill would ban gross restores from giving out plastic or plastic bags. it helps grocers. the other issue, most consumers don't know. they don't mind paying a 10 cent fee. if it is paying for environmental programs or some public good. there is no environmental program that's paying for it.
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>> people owe posed to the ban, such as kathy brown there with the plastic bag manufacturing company, they would look to see the, the ban deliver boxes of opposition letters to the sponsoring senator's office. >> tonight. making the best out of a difficult situation. >> this is not the story that i want to tell. this is the story i have to tell. >> the very personal story that this bay area man says he has to tell and unique way that he plans to do it.
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>> thousand of volunteers help remodel dozens of homes and community centers this weekend. among them, a home in san mateo. the floor was decaying in places. the house was in disrepair. the kitchen had no hot water. the family was struggling to keep the home. it had been in the family for several generations. here its just part of the house after the remodel. a brand new kitchen. complete with the new stove, refridge, dishwasher, and microwave. victoria and her husband, parents and four children live in the three bedroom home. i happened to be there with her when she saw her new home for the very first time.
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>> this is a maze imazing. she and her husband both work. they couldn't afford the upgrade needed on the home. she is forever grateful to rebuilding together to giving so much. well in the tv news business time is often our enemy. there is rarely enough time to say everything we want to say. and one san jose filmmaker is facing a bit of time crunch as well. he is in a hurry to get his film made and message out while he can. garvin thomas, explains how he got through some very dark times, tonight, bay area proud. >> one two, one two. >> ever since chris hennessey bought his first video camera, 25 years ago. behind the lens is some where he has always felt right at home. so much so, chris made it his career. shooting weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate videos, ejecting each
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shoot with more than his trademark humor. on that score, the shoot on a grassy hillside in south san jose is no different. yet is very different. chris you see is busy shooting the story of his life. in more ways than one. this is not the story that i want to tell. this is the story i have to tell. chris grew up on long island, new york, state and track as a high schooler. fit athletic as an adult. that's why the diagnosis of an aggressive form of prostate cancer hit him so hard. the shocks were just beginning. not a month after radical surgery for chris, his wife betsey delivered their first child hannah. three months early. 1 pound, 9 ounces. >> immediately i was thrust into a situation where not only i had a life threatening situation
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going on -- but i had a daughter now that was a pound and a half. >> where are we going? >> chris responded to the situation though. not with despair, but -- but once again humor. he feels an upbeat, positive attitude got him and hannah through the worst of it. she is now a thriving 4-year-old. and chris is on a mission to tell her and his story through a film. >> touched by hannah it is called. and, inspirational is what it is meant to be. chris working fast, not only because he is passionate, but because while hannah is fine, he is not. signs point to a return of his cancer. >> we're rolling. a great shot right here. >> rather than get down. he is getting to work. coaching to make the most of his story and the time he has left. >> every second i am going to be here.
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i will be passionate. and fry to make a difference. even if it is five years, ten years. >> garvin thomas reporting. chris hennessy told garvin he is turning to crowd funding. go to >> right now, we have rain overnight. boy that will be in the past, real quick. >> yeah, to give you an idea. temperatures outside right now. low 60s. those could be morning low temperatures. by wednesday. our temperatures. really start to climb on up. not so unusual to see low 60s in san francisco this time of year. san jose looking chilly. 64 degrees. northwest wind. and clearing skies. right now in san jose. this its set us up for a chilly night. we're waking up to 40s tomorrow morning. with the temperatures in the mid 60s. a bit warmer at this time. we are watching the clouds fill on in. from here. the temperature change we'll see
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will be running much warmer. once we lose the strong sea breeze. wind will turn out of the north during the day tomorrow. turn offshore tuesday, wednesday. that will lead to the big time warming will also shut down any chances we think of any showers for quite some time. the jet stream will move up to the north. overnight tonight. into tomorrow morning. patches of low clouds. mostly sunny skies. unlike this morning. the mist, low clouds. looks like all day sunshine tomorrow. and plenty more where that is coming from as we go through the week. notice, how the next incoming weather system. falls apart. notice the low clouds. being pushed offshore. strengthening offshore wind. that's the reason why. temperatures are going to climb up. as the the jet stream moves back off to the north. pushed in that direction by a strong ridge of high pressure. hottest days of the week. looks like wednesday into thursday for inland valleys.
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even san francisco, will have a chance of getting the numbers closer to the, to the 80s by wednesday. so, needless to say. no chance of any rain. one system will come in late this week. thursday, friday. that should lead to cooling, heading towards next weekend. now for next weekend's temperatures, also looking 70s and 80s in the bay area. tomorrow, looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. san jose. mid 60s. closer to san francisco. peninsula. 70s, inland. santa rosa. pleasantton. the seven-day forecast. transitioning from the 70s to the 80s to the 90s over the next three dates. san jose, and around redwood city. san francisco, you might not see 90s. still, low to mid 80s. close to downtown wednesday. before things cool off. north bay temperatures seeing 90s for wednesday. the trivalley. not just for tuesday. wednesday, thursday as well. could see mid 90s in the forecast before things cool off. return of the sea breeze heading towards next weekend.
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back to you. rob, thank you. >> following breaking news. crews are looking for survivors after two small planes crash in the north bay. we don't have a lot of information on this so far. 4:00 this afternoon. 90 minutes ago. a mile north of the richmond san rafael bridge. >> the coast guard has crews in the water and air searching right now. we understand that one of the planes may hatch beve been fryi land when it happened. we will follow the breaking news and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. we'll be right back.
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nfl hall of famer, joe montana will play in the final football game ever at candlestick park. montana will lead a team of
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legend. dan marino's all-star team. this is all happening on july 12th. look at it one more time. >> never see it enough. off awe you can't. it changed everything. >> legend of candlestick, football game. hall of famer, jerry rice. 49er teammate. roger craig. the man who caught the pass. and the san francisco fire and police department are facing off against each other in an opening game. legends of candlestick take to the field one last time. coming up again, july 12th. >> just advised them to take it easy when they're out there. >> it's flag football. maybe they'll well be okay. >> exactly. we will be right back.
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as we reported a few minutes ago. we are following breaking news right now. search crews looking for survivors after two small planes
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crashed near san pablo bay. 4:00 this afternoon. a mile north. the coast guard has crews in the water and in the air searching. we will continue to follow this breaking news. we'll bring you the very latest at 6:00 tonight. >> tonight, a rumor involving et and the sight in the new mexico desert. a 31-year-old mystery solved with an excavation at this land fill. in the 80s. rumors circulated that millions of the extra terrestrial video game cartridges had been buried there. the worst video game ever, ever, ever released. nobody wanted to buy it. making a movie about the mystery surrounding the game's disappearance. they organized this weekend any dig. now they say the long lost cards were discovered. nobody wants to buy them. >> maybe they do now. >> maybe they want to go, a
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movie about finding them. >> nbc nightly news is next. we'll have more local news at 6:00. including an update on the plane crash. >> see you then.


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